Approaching Woman The Friend Approach

There is a lot of information on the net that keeps being passed around 24 hours a day telling that approaching a woman and getting perceived as a friend will get you, just a friend. I got to be totally honest with you and tell you right now that this is incorrect and that anyone that says or implies you such thing, is either a liar or has not studied and tested how woman react and emotionally work in accurate ways. The same thing that applies to us men, the same thing applies to woman.

What I mean if, even if you are gay or love woman, approaching woman or men in a friendly approach works in numerous ways. The secret lies in how you approach. Just take a look at this scenario. Mark goes to a bar. Mark sees a hot sugar mama that gets him to squeeze his sexual endeavors in his thoughts.

Mark decides that after 15 minutes of seeing the environment, he will approach her and get the job done on getting her number and depending on how the chemistry evolves- Mark may take her to his home. Now Mark is a confident, intelligent, good-looking and very well dressed high egomaniac that thinks that all women fit his style. With such thinking of Mark, he finally approaches her. Mark immediately says: Hi There. I just want to ask you a very prolific question.

Mark immediately whispers to her ears and says while she is drinking and looking at her while approaching her even more closely. There are over 30 men over here in this place and you know- I do not understand. Maybe you can help me figure this out because it is really funny that you are noticing it.

Mark of course immediately has her attention by approaching the hot and beautiful woman. Mark already has triggered so much psychological curiosity out of her that he knows that 50% of the job was already done. Getting to approach her in a different way by being on her side and by getting to know more about her in a very short period of time with average simple words that most men do not use. Mark knows that the possibility of achieving a good first impression is very likely because of how he dressed, presented his self and the way he approached in a seductive different way than the regular guy at the bar. What goes beyond here is very simple and anyone considered intelligent can definitely win ladies trust and the possibly one-night stand and even potential amount of dates that most men crave about. Getting her to say yes and to accept whatever you say to her in the next minutes after having a very possible friendly approach can lead to a good friendship or lots of sex.

The important factor here is in how you handle the conversation after the first seconds with her. It is of my sincere hope that you get to know what to do and how to manage a conversation with woman immediately after presenting yourself in a positive way. Attracting woman and seducing the women that you like or even wanting to love because of knowing her before, is easier than you think. There are no magic techniques for it.

And there are no manuscript written for getting laid anytime you want. However, there are formulas that you can develop and continue to form as a habit when going out to social places that evolve around woman and that most likely will get you the woman you desire.

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