Are We as a Society Falling Out of Love

All of the hippies from the mid sixties popped in their Beatles albums and sang along with John Lennon when he optimistically sang Love Is All You Need. This age of free love and spiritual liberty has been wiped out by the high fashion seventies and the wild eighties. Those flower children are now in the positions that they once furiously fought against. Many of them are CEO's, hotshot lawyers, and slick politicians. Many of those former John Lennon followers who believed that all you need is love ended up divorced.

What has happened to the generation that fought to stop a war with peace and civil disobedience? In generations of the past music revolved around romance and love. Today Kanye West is rapping about prenuptial agreements and gold diggers. Yet in this cynical day and age there are still brave souls that venture into love. There are still musicians that believe in the majesty of being in love. Ingrid Michaelson and the Plain White T-s climb the billboard charts out of obscurity because their sanguine messages of love spoke to thousands of people.

Regardless how pessimistic the general public may sound the dreamers and believers in love have enough hope in their hearts to give humanity worth. Despite the fact that today's trend is to seek self-preservation and not allow people to become emotionally involved as well as the rise of casual sex love and marriage prevail. It is one of man's and woman's basic needs.

Humans need to interact with other people. Love is not a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or a Juicy Couture Bag there is no way to purchase it and pick it out when you want. Love and marriage is more rare and beautiful than a Harry Winston four-carat diamond on Fifth Avenue.

Love is even more coveted than a Harry Winston Wreath necklace. In our here is your Starbuck's coffee go hustle and bustle on out of here and be a consumer elsewhere love is the only place where time stands still around you. Your Blackberry can help organize your time, but it can't defy the natural laws of science like love can.

Being that there is no replacement for the splendor of loves bliss it won't go out of style. Society might be a little negative, but that doesn't make humanity hopeless. The past couple of decades have awakened dark truths and now we walk among them. It is very difficult to keep one's chin up when they have to deal with identity theft and terrorists, but people cannot deny love it is in their nature.

So, we can try to fall out of love with love but those butterflies will always catch us.

Arin Trinity, Miami Weddings

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