Establishing Your Own DIY Divorce Website

DIY divorce is getting very popular today. Considering the exorbitant fees charged by high street lawyers, partners prefer settling their disputes themselves and going for a quick and dignified split. DIY divorce is a burgeoning market. Anybody with a knack for social service accompanied by astute business acumen can start a promising career by opening a website offering DIY divorce services to the couples in the UK. The various steps involved in starting your own DIY divorce website are: 1) Prepare a Business Plan Like any other business, running a DIY divorce website is a business conducted with the aid of the internet.

Hence it is vital that you prepare a business plan before dealing with the practical aspects of your enterprise. Basically, your business plan should be a summary of your business goals, the reasons why you consider these goals to be achievable and a plan for realistically achieving those goals. Your business plan should contain information about your organizational setup and the team you plan to assemble so as to make your business a success.

How do you plan to develop your products and services? How do you plan to attract and convince the prospective customers and investors? Preparing your business plan will not only help you streamline your business, but will enhance your clarity regarding your goals. 2) Hiring the Staff The next important step is hiring the technical and support staff. The people you hire should be computer-savvy and should preferably have some experience in some aspects of e-commerce.

When it comes to designing the products and services, you should not rely on 'trained legal assistants' or 'paralegals' to cut the costs. It is vital to have a team of highly experienced solicitors in your setup. 3) Designing the Services and Packages The DIY divorce package you design should offer value-for-money service supported by a team of qualified solicitors. People opt for DIY divorce packages to cut on time and cost, so do see that the services you provide are quick, simple and hassle-free. The DIY divorce package you design should provide all the essential documentation, advice and support that a customer will need to settle his or her uncontested divorce quickly and efficiently with minimal stress and expense and without a court appearance. It will be good if you offer a free 24/7 helpline and online case tracking facilities to your customers.

4) Have a Website Designed and Developed Have a website designed and developed which will act as the main portal to your business. It will enable the clients to interact with you and to learn about your products and services. Place on this website all the products and services offered by you, various packages designed by you with their price tags, your helpline number and any other information which you feel your clients should know about. This website will not only advertise your services, but will enable the potential clients around the world to learn about and access your products and services. 5) Establish Your Brand Online Internet is the most practical and accessible medium to establish your brand online.

You have to actively promote your brand and let the people know that it is a rich source of information and help. First and foremost, you should own your own domain name. A domain name is the address of your website.

Do ensure that the name of your business matches with the domain name chosen by you. Also, use your domain name as your email address. Create an email signature file. A signature file is a mini advertisement that shall appear at the end of all of your official email.

Take care that it includes your business name, website address and your logo. Also print your email address and your website URL on your business cards and all of your official stationery such as letterheads, postcards, envelopes, brochures, etc. You are certainly free to come out with more innovative ideas to popularize your website and attract prospective clients to your business. Always remember that the people opting for a divorce are mostly under stress and pressure. So make it certain that the approach of all the staff towards the customers is thoroughly professional and humane. Do keep track of the new trends and developments in the market and customize and design your services according to them.

Be flexible and open to change and never compromise on quality and punctuality.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see

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