How to plan a Hawaii Beach Wedding

How to plan a Hawaii Beach Wedding If you are planning a Hawaii Beach Wedding, and you have never been to this island paradise before, you will have to take care of the minor details especially if you are planning the wedding from afar. It can become quite frustrating to try and rectify mistakes afterwards, but with careful planning, affordable Hawaii weddings are still possible. A few exotic places to mention for example; Oahu's Paradise Cove, Island of Waikiki and the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai, are just a few of the many jewels of Hawaii. A list of things to remember when planning a Hawaii wedding area s follows: Find the right location: This does not have to be a lot of hard work, like driving around looking at different resorts. You can get most of this information from travel books at your nearest bookstore.

Planning the wedding: With the help of a local wedding planner it can be lots of fun. The local planner will have all the information on items such as Hawaii wedding photographers, the best beaches, the hotels closest to your Hawaii beach weddings and transport to the different resorts. Your budget: Weddings in Hawaii can be built around your individual budget. Hawaii beach weddings can be very personal and inexpensive.

You can do most of the catering with the help of the locals. Your dress can be simple and island styled, with lots of wild flowers. The reception area can be a small beach front resort instead of the more expensive hotels. Remembering your marriage license: Part of your planning should include the marriage license. Although not very difficult to obtain, the requirements are that the bride and groom should apply personally at the relevant authority before the wedding on a normal working day. No blood tests are required and there is no waiting period for weddings in Hawaii.

Other costs and expenses: Airfare and accommodation unfortunately becomes part of weddings in Hawaii. Spend some time researching the options, especially when the guest list is extensive. Pleasant locations for the guests as well as for the bridal couple are very important. A local wedding planner can be contacted for more information. Another major cost can be airline tickets, and it pays to look at the different options available.

Airline tickets to your Hawaii beach wedding can be bought as early as 11 months before weddings in Hawaii. Groups normally stand a good chance to get a discount on airfares. You can even save more money if you are prepared to take your flight during the week and then enjoy an affordable Hawaii wedding over the weekend. Last but not least, while planning your weddings in Hawaii, you need to think of each and every little detail. Small things like jewelry and island styled invitations will make your very own Hawaiian island wedding perfect.

Once you have done the planning and got started you will soon find that the complexity simply vanishes. As a guide, use the services of the local wedding planner, to assist you, mostly with on-site issues.

Dawn Nash is author of this article on Weddings in Hawaii. Find more information about Hawaii Weddings here.

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