How To Plan The Floral Arrangements For Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers seem to be a significant part of every wedding. The decision to have flowers usually isn't the hard part, as is deciding which kind to have. There are many different options for wedding flowers. Having real flowers or silk flowers and deciding on type, color and arrangements can be a daunting task.

Deciding on the types of flowers may be one of the most challenging aspects. Some things you may want to consider are between real flowers and silk ones. Real flowers are beautiful but also expensive. You also have to put them all up and take them down again.

Knowing what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding and going with them could save you a lot of money. You also have to decide on colors, if your colors are the same as some flower then you could save a lot of money not having to dye them. Silk flowers on the other hand are easy to dye and will be something to keep forever if you wanted. You could use them in arrangements around your house after the wedding.

Another point to keep in mind is where to get the flowers. You need to shop around well in advance since wedding flowers have to be ordered and possibly dyed. Some places to check for the best deal are grocery stores, farmers markets, always check flower shops last since they are the most expensive way to get flowers. If you are planning an outdoor wedding you may not even need the flowers. If you plan to wed in a park for example, you probably won't need flowers. Try just tying ribbons or making the most of the flowers already in the park.

If the park will allow some arrangements you could consider donating them to the park after the wedding. Most churches allow flowers with some restrictions. It is important to know far in advance what is expected. Some churches will allow flower arrangements along the aisles as long as they are removed promptly. As for flowers around or on the altar, it is imperative that the instructions for decorations are clear. Some churches will not allow any flowers or decorations on or near the altar.

Another point to keep in mind is what the plans are for the flowers after the wedding. Some churches will appreciate a donation of some flower arrangements while others may not. When planning a wedding the flowers are a very important part and very time consuming. From the decision making to the actual wedding, flowers may consume a lot of the planning time, however they are a special piece of the wedding and you will treasure the memories for years to come. Walking down the aisle to your new life together, don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

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