Modern Ways to Meet Interesting Women

Unless you've lived in a cave, then you've probably noticed the singles scene has changed A LOT over the past couple of years. In fact, there has been a sudden explosion of new and interesting ways to meet women. For instance, in the past you had to leave your house to meet a woman.

But now you can use technology to contact hundreds of interesting women while sitting in a room. In essence, you can use the power of your computer to literally shop for a woman. As a result, the late 2000's has ushered in an era where meeting and dating women can conveniently fit into ANY guy's schedule. In this article, I'll outline 4 ways you can use modern technology and trends to locate women in your area.

Let's get started. 1- Online Dating I'll be honest when I say online dating has become THE way to meet women. In fact, it has become a socially acceptable way to meet women. According to a recent survey, 70% of singles in America have tried online dating at one point in their lives. So you're missing out on a golden opportunity if you DON'T use online dating to meet women.

Now the important thing to remember about online dating is it favors guys who are proactive. In other words, you have to make an effort to contact and follow-up with women on these websites. Since there is a lot competition from other guys on online dating sites, you have to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd.

2- Speed Dating Speed dating has become a really popular way for busy people to meet. It works like this. An organization or business arranges an equal number of men and women to meet and privately talk with another for 7-8 minutes. Then when the time is up, you move on and start talking with another girl. Then once the event is over, you evaluate each woman and decide if you want to meet her again. If she decides the same thing about you, the organization will give you each other's contact information.

The object of speed dating is to allow you to have multiple conversations with a large selection of women and quickly determine which ones you want to date. If you want to take advantage of this type of dating, you have to ensure you make a great first impression with every woman you meet. So you have to learn how to be confident, funny and interesting.

3- Social Networks Social networking is a trend which has gained a lot of popularity during the past few years. With these type of sites, you "make friends" with people and connect with others you already know. What I like about social networking sites is you're able to talk to a woman without being giving off the *desperate* stigma like you would have with an online dating site. Because these sites are free and filled with lonely guys, you have to stand out from the crowd.

In other words, your initial message must be really interesting and unique compared to the emails that OTHER guys send. 4- Seminars As our society progresses it's become important to expand on our personal and professional knowledge. That's why seminars have become a really popular way to learn in a fun and interesting environment. In addition to the intellectual benefits, you can also use this place to network and meet women.

What's great about seminars is they provide an opportunity for you to talk to a woman who shares a common interest with you. You can easily use this environment to start talking about a topic in which you both find riveting. All you have to do some research and you could easily find seminars in your area.

For instance there are always opportunities to learn about topics like self-improvement, home decoration, finances, nutrition and other special interests. Now the important thing to remember when meeting ANY woman over these 4 methods is to still use proper conversation skills and seduction techniques. In other words, technology and advances hasn't changed basic human nature. It's still important to know the right way to date and attract women. But if you can add these 4 methods to your dating arsenal, you'll be able to develop a large pool of interesting and attractive women you can date!.

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