The Point Of Gift Giving Is Not To Be Expensive But From The Heart

I really don't think that the point of a gift is to be expensive in the first place. As long as it comes from the heart, it will always be well received. Nobody knows your loved ones better than you do.

There must be some hobbies or interests you know of that you could address. Try to think back and remember if they expressed a desire to have something in the past. If you could get that item, no matter what the price, it is pretty much guarantied to be appreciated. It sounds like it was a really good gift. Since they said you were sweet and everything for it and it was a nice gift so it was ok.

Don't worry about the gift. I wouldn't ask them about the gift because I'm pretty sure he/she likes it. But you could write them a note or something and ask how there day was or whatever and then include one sentence saying how you hope they liked the gift. So just write him/her a note or however you want to talk to them and just say something like I hope you liked it. A ring sounds nice.

If you think they'll like it then by all means you could give that to him/her. To give other ideas you could give him/her cologne/perfume they might like, and remember some guys/girls like to shop too so you could take them shopping for clothes. If he/she plays a certain sport, then sports equipment could work, or if he/she is into simpler things like books or whatever then that's always a good idea. But those are just examples. The ring really does sound nice and if you feel they like it then I am positive it's a good gift to give.

You can always create certain fun games for them. I did that for my special someone for there birthday. Like I created a little clue, sort of an inside joke. Like a mouse runs what's always at a wedding? And the answer was cheesecake. I did that and it was really fun because I made it up myself, they loved it, and it was just really nice.

So you can create your own game all about him/her. You could still do the breakfast thing, but be more creative. Like have him/her awake to a flower on there bed, if you can do that. Then when they come out they'll go to the kitchen area and see breakfast already made.

That way it's not exactly the normal breakfast in bed but something different and unique. And you can get gifts related to what he/she likes. If he/she likes to read then get them a couple of books that you know they'll love. Maybe get him/her a certain outfit they want. Or you can take them out to a certain place he/she loves, such as an amusement park or wherever. Just think of what he/she likes and get something related to it.

I actually think that the idea of breakfast in bed is fabulous! So what if it is, as you say, common? It makes a person feel very special regardless. That's the best way to make the day feel romantic right from the moment your partner wakes up. Then you can take them out for a nice walk in some scenic neighborhood, maybe a nice brunch and perhaps to a movie he/she likes later.

You can get flowers, which are always romantic. There are places in any city that you can visit that are either free or that charge very little for admission that are great to come to, especially on a special occasion such as this. There are beautiful parks, beaches and such where you could have a nice little picnic. Where I live there is a fabulous tropical plant conservatory that charges no admission. There are places such as small zoos or aquatic centers; there are also great museums and galleries that are interesting to visit.

You are doing it a bit last minute, but I'm sure you will plan a wonderful day for them! Last minute gifts are usually more difficult. What I tend to do with my gift-giving is do a lot of listening throughout the year. Your loved ones always indicate one way or another, they would like to have. So all you need to do is keep a little list of gift ideas, and when the time comes to go gift shopping, you'd already know what to get. The best gifts to give are things the person you're giving them to actually wants to have.

But that's long term. For this coming birthday just try to get them something you think they would enjoy. If he/she likes wearing jewelry, you can get them something small that would match there style.

Some costume jewelry or silver pieces that are out there are surprisingly inexpensive and none the less look absolutely stunning. If he/she is into music, get them a CD of an artist or a composer you know they would like. If he/she is into books, get them one from a writer he/she likes.

By the way, if he/she is a Harry Potter fan, the new one is being released on July 16th. You can pre-order it, and they'll get the book the same day it comes out. That's what I did for a friend that had a birthday early June that is a big fan of the series. So the idea really is just to try your best and give him/her something they would really enjoy having.

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