Wedding Decorating Tips Wedding Glamour on a budget

As a Wedding Planner and Wedding Cake Decorator, my motivation is to bring to you, wedding elegance and glamour within a budget.
With time and patience this can and has been done. If you are not up for the challenge, then hire a Wedding Planner. Your Wedding day, including your wedding reception, and wedding ceremony, will be a representation of you, presented to your wedding guest.

If you know anyone crafty, a friend or family member that you can trust and depend on, or a little crafty yourself, will help tremendously.

Adding Elegance and Glamour to your Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception using tulle and ribbon.

Tulle: Very important when decorating for wedding elegance. Your local craft and fabric stores will carry a variety of ribbon and tulle.

Check all of them. Yes, check all of them until you find the perfect tulle and ribbon. Tulle is very inexpensive, by a small piece, bring it home, and see if it will fit your wedding theme and color scheme. The same applies for the ribbon that you choose.

You can buy tulle with glitter or rhinestones embedded in it, and its beautiful when its draped, and reflects light. You can also buy a pack of small bulbs or lights, in wedding section at wal-mart. String floral wire through it and attach to back of pew bow. They last very long, and for me it was worth the price for the elegant lighting affect it gives. If you decide to choose plain tulle, which still has a sheen to it, you can use it to wrap wedding favors. Cut squares, put a votive candle or mints in it, gather at top and tie ribbon or personalized ribbon, with bride and grooms name and wedding date on it.

Ribbon: Wired ribbon is flexible, holds it shape, and very easy to work with, thats why its my favorite ribbon to use when decorating for weddings, or making bridal bouquets. Not to mention the shimmer that glitter ribbon gives for the price you spend. You can use ribbon and tulle to put between your wedding cake layers if your wedding cake is tiered, or use the wired ribbon to make bows for your wedding cake table. Connect the bows that you made to pew bow clips, and attach to your wedding cake table.

You will need pew bow clips to drape and swag tulle. You can find large bags of pew clips at craft stores.


About the Author (text)Roxanne Carmouche, cordially inviting you to for more wedding saving tips, and ideas, for all your wedding and bridal needs.

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