Why Choose Chocolate Wedding Favors

Most brides want to find just the perfect set of wedding favors for their own reception, as they know that this is one aspect of their event that will be remembered forever ? after all, this is the one thing that guests will be taking home with them! Choosing chocolate wedding favors has become a hot trend among brides, and with good reason. After all, who doesn't like chocolate? Handing out seeds may mean nothing to guests who don't garden, bottle stoppers are typically useless for those who are not wine drinkers, and key chains can be somewhat cheap and tacky. And who keeps coasters with photos of people on them? These types of gifts get old after not very long. However, most brides choose personalized candy bar wrappers for their chocolate wedding favors, and these can really match the theme and tone of your wedding, and the bride's and groom's personalities as well. For example, if you're both nature lovers, there are designs with flowers, beach scenes, autumn scenes, and the like. If you are a modern bride who wants something truly different and unique, many designs are simple with an art deco feel.

There are also many candy bar wrappers that are traditional and elegant as well. As an example, if you were to visit The Knot or FavorsAndWraps, you would find a wealth of unique designs for wedding, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and every other event you can think of, with a wide range of artwork, color schemes, lettering, and everything else. Choosing chocolate wedding favors is much easier when you find that perfect wrapper that really expresses your own personality, your own taste, and makes your wedding reception so very unique. Another great reason that brides often choose chocolate wedding favors is because they can double as a centerpiece, allowing you to save a few dollars on your wedding budget. For example, if you take your beautifully wrapped candy bars and fan them out in a circle in the middle of the table, they are now a gorgeous centerpiece as well as a take-home favor. Chocolate wedding favors can also be part of the table's place settings; put one in the middle of each guests' plate as a beautiful welcome to the table.

And if you do this, you will be sure that each guest gets their own favor and no one is overlooked. Just make sure the kids don't have them before their dinner! Just a word of warning when using chocolate wedding favors ? you should always maintain the manufacturers' original label so that guests can see if they are allergic to any ingredients, and you may want to forego any items with nuts as so many people have a sensitivity. Make sure they're kept refrigerated before the event as well. Yes, chocolate wedding favors is a trend that is here to stay, and with good reason. They are favors that virtually all your guests will enjoy, can truly express your own personality, and can add some color and beauty to your table settings as well.

Linda Ellison is a freelance writer who specializes in trends and lifestyles. Her previously published fiction works, including the Dana Ford Mystery Series, have been on bookshelves nationwide. Visit to read more about the latest trends in wedding favors.

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